The Great Non-American Vacation

I’m going on vacation next week, Reader (so don’t expect a post next Friday) and I’m freaking out about it (because there is nothing more awesome than being an anxious person on a week-long trip with thousands of variables that can all go very, very wrong), so please forgive the late post and also the lack of content today.  If there are typos all over the place, it’s because I only have about a third of my brain functioning outside of lockdown panic mode.  Don’t worry—this is how travel works for me.  It’s zero fun to be an anxious person like this (and I may, at a later date, discuss that further, because I’m beginning to realize that it actually helps when people realize other people share their brands of odd), but it is what it is.

Whatever that means.  I mean, of course it is what it is.  If it wasn’t, then it wouldn’t be that.

(Yes, this is why I don’t do well before big trips.  I have all the sympathy in the world for my ADHD friends when I get like this, because I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be this distracted all the time.)

So, sorry, no super wisdom from me this week—just a request for travel mercies, and hope.  I’m going over the Pond to find the thin places for a while, because I’m going to need to remember they exist as this term kicks in.  I need to go to the places where I am totally unsure of anything except being there, not least because there are a lot of very intelligent people in my life somewhat repetitively telling me I am not currently so good at being (and they’re right, but don’t tell them that).  I am surrounded by amazing, patient, wonderful friends, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been walking in a valley for a while and I could use some mountaintop time.  We’ll see if I can get out of my own way (and God’s) to get there.

May the end of your August smoothly sail into September, Reader.  I’ll see you in the new (school) year.

5 thoughts on “The Great Non-American Vacation

  1. […] places”—I was deliberately set to visit a lot of churchy type settings.  Like I said a couple of weeks ago, I was ready for some mountain […]


  2. Sheila Bigelow says:

    May you find peace, renewal, and perhaps, even direction.  Go with our love and best wishes, and return safely to us.  Sheila


  3. Have a good trip. I hope you find what you’re hoping for.


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