The Higher Points of the Blogospheres

The Internet is both one of the coolest adventures ever and a scary hole of humanity, but a great thing about it is that there is something for everybody.  It’s interesting to look at what my something is, but perhaps my something will overlap with your something and we will both be entertained or enlightened for the day.

So, here are some of my somethings.  I’ve broken the list up into blogs that update regularly and those that don’t, but I want to hang onto all the links so I know where they are.  Think of it as my Rolodex of the Internet, if you like.


Blogs that update at least semi-regularly

Often hilarious, definitely insightful, the adventures and musings of a (female) Episcopal priest; even if I don’t always agree with her, I appreciate the wonder she has:  Rev. Laurie Brock

“Finding God in daily chaos,” as explained by one of the Episcopalian priests who invented Lent Madness:  Clergy Confidential

A match made in heaven of technology, snark, and comic book geekery:  Texts from Superheroes

I stumbled across this quite accidentally and I have no idea who runs it, but s/he is doing a damn fine job of poking folks with very gentle sticks:  Jesus Christ’s Twitter

This is really just so I have the link somewhere because holy crow I’m in the candidacy process how did that happen:  United Methodist Candidacy

James Breakwell rightly finds his stuff in every roundup of hilarious tweets ever because he is parenting four girls and doing it with sarcasm:  Exploding Unicorn

Especially these days, having access to hilariously captioned adorable cats is nearly required for sanity:  Emergency Kittens

Space kind of freaks me out, I won’t lie.  But the idea of not being able to learn about it freaks me out way more:  Rogue NASA

Ain’t no party like a linguistic party ’cause a linguistic party throws magnificent shade and is pretty phenomenal:  Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Blogs that are either on hiatus or have stopped updating but are still awesome

The photographic chronicle of Hopeful’s journey hiking the Appalachian Trail—and life in general.  This has stopped updating, but the pictures are still beautiful:  Whimsy Seasons

For another pilgrim asking some really great questions about spirituality and daily life:  Spiritual Adventures in the Workplace

Faith-driven poetry with soul:  Crux Literary Journal

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